Name the Tube Stations

Can you name all the tube stations in this image? Leave your answers below. I will get you started with Marble Arch.

Name the Tube Stations
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  1. Bob Avatar

    elephant and castle (pub sign on left)
    angel (flying above bridge)
    est and west ham (either side of the road)… but there’s another ham next to football ball on left…??
    monument (under bridge, left of swiss chalet)
    swiss cottage (the swiss flag)
    bow (the stretch black box across road)
    7 sisters (sitting on bridge)
    bank (the big pink pig under the bridge)
    marble arch (the multi coloured toy marbles forming an arch over the road)
    black horse lane (is that on the tube? there’s a black horse on the road)
    holland park (the windmill , a bit beyond the toy marbles)
    redbridge (red bridge near the back in the middle)
    hammersmith (hammer and anvil on right near the lamb)
    blackfriers (the 3 things on the floor on the right, are they deep fat fryers? and they’re black)
    limehouse (the slice of lime on the right above a house)
    marble arch (just next to the lime slice?)
    barking (the german shepperd on the right looks like he’s barking)
    sheppers bush (the shepperd on the left near a green bush)

    at this point I get a tube map out. Not quite cheating, but almost…

    covent garden (the 4 nuns on the right standing in a front garden)
    marylebone (a bride marrying a bone wearing a hat on the right at the top of the hill)
    park royal (the tree with a crown on top)
    burnt oak (didn’t know this station existed, but there’s a burn tree on the hill on the right)
    highgate (the metal gate sitting very high on top of the building, under the plane)
    london bridge (at a push, the big grey bridge going across the whole of london?)
    whitechapel (center of picture, near the marbles)
    oval (on the lower wall of the pub on the left)
    knightsbridge (the knight on a horse crossing the bridge)
    brentcross (the “bent” cross near the pink pig)
    balham (the ball and the ham on the left)
    chalkfarm (a farm drawn with chalk on the floor)
    finsbury park (the shark fin burried in a pile of soil on the left)
    killburn park (the killed man shape on the floor, it’s burning)
    holborn (there’s a “hole” in the road, and it “burn”s)
    green park (the green P sign on the left)
    leytonstone (the word “late” on the “stone” underneath barbie)

    1. ghosty Avatar

      Very good, but I think that there is one that I don’t agree with.

      The gate you say is Highgate – I think that is Lancaster Gate as there is a plane flying over it that is a Lancaster Bomber.

      I also found one that you havent mentioned – Canada Water – there is a puddle in the middle of the picture that has a maple leaf in it.

  2. don salkey Avatar

    the can on the left is can on street or cannon street

  3. Avatar

    also the 2 kings crossing = Kings Cross

  4. Alexander Lamb Avatar
    Alexander Lamb

    I’m surprised you saw Barbie (with Ken) but didn’t say Barbican

  5. Ollie Bampton Avatar
    Ollie Bampton

    white city in the background is cool

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