All change

I just wanted to write a quick post saying that I am starting a new job at Group NBT. I’ve managed, despite the snow, to make it in on public transport fine. I don’t know [yet] what all these people are moaning about. I’m currently sat in a coffee shop opposite, as I don’t start until 10 today.

I spent 5 wonderful years working for The University of Kent, working with some fantastic people. I really will miss the environment of the Uni, but time had come for me to challenge myself.

I don’t challenge myself enough. Something that I hope to change. I have historically opted for the easy option, which is why this is such a big thing.

I hope to do some more blogging on the things I learn, challenges I face, and experience that the outside world brings. I have enough time to on the train, that’s for sure.

Well, here goes nothing….

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