What is America thinking!

I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention.  This actually scares me, and reminds me of the Digital Economy Act that was forced through in the UK where one persone arguing for the bill actually thought IP (as in IP address) stood for Intellectual Property. *facepalms*

This was brought to my attention by Mike Richwalski.

I urge anyone in America, please contact your representative.

Theming WordPress using Thematic and Compass

Recently I have started to play with making my own themes for WordPress. Rather than start from the ground and reinvent the wheel, I decided to use a base theme which I can then extend. I also opted to use the brilliant Compass css framework to speed up development. Im going to talk about how I set my project up to get the most out of these tools.

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Post from twitter to a facebook page

Recently I have been improving my parents website over at Yeldon Wedding Hire.  One of the things that I have been doing is setting up a social media campaign by setting them up a facebook page, a Google+ page, and a twitter feed.  To make the different social channels look like they are being used and updated I wanted them to cross-post items so that when I posted on twitter it posted to facebook, and vice versa.

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