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  • Managed file upload in Drupal theme settings

    Managed file upload in Drupal theme settings

    So you want to add a managed file field to your theme settings to allow for an additional logo, great! Using FAPI and a theme-settings.php file it will be a piece of cake.  Not so fast…. The sticking point here is that a managed file once uploaded has to have its status changed to 1…

  • Regular expressions explained.

    You can’t really be a developer and not get your hands dirty with regular expressions at some point or another. If like me your take them to be magic and would like to understand then a little bit better, then this video explains then in a really clear way.

  • Mailcatcher – debug email development

    I have blogged in the past about a good way to catch email in a dev environment. Well I have found a better way. Check out the awesome MailCatcher that runs as an smtp service on your setup and then presents the mail through a simple to use web interface.

  • XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering

    XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering

    Over the weekend I ran updates on my Ubuntu HTPC, and upon reboot it came up with the following message “XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering”. It turns out that when I ran the updates it also updated fglrx, the graphics driver to run the AMD chip in my machine.  This update dropped support (or so…

  • Bootstrap Shortcodes

    Bootstrap Shortcodes

    Just a bit of self promotion… Introducing Bootstrap-3-shortcodes. Something that I have been working on in my spare time has finally made its way onto the WordPress Plugin repository.  The plugin provides a load of shortcodes to help you style your wordpress site using the bootstrap components. It assumes that you are using a base…

  • Finally a cure for Vertical Video Syndrome

    I am downloading this app as we speak! What a fantastic idea.

  • Vine magic

    This has to be probably the best vine magic [ video editing ] that I have seen yet.

  • Placeit – Realistic Product Screenshots

    Ever wanted to have one of those images that show your product on some stylish computer or phone, but not got the skills in photoshop or time to do it? Problem solved.  Head over to Placeit to create them really easily!

  • Fullscreen Firefox with XBMC

    Fullscreen Firefox with XBMC

    At home I run a custom built HTPC running Ubuntu with XBMC as the main interface.  So that the machine boots into XBMC directly, and to avoid any superfluous applications running, I use XBMC directly as the user-session. Using the Advanced Launcher plugin I was able to launch firefox, but it always launched in what…

  • Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune

    Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune

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