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  • Run NextJS in an AWS Lambda

    Run NextJS in an AWS Lambda

    Looking to host a new web app that was built in NextJS, we set out to find a way to host it on a Lambda rather than via a docker image (which can get rather expensive). These are the steps we took to do so. Create a static bucket First thing you will need to…

  • Debugging on

    We are in the process of deploying a lot of sites on to the excellent infrastructure at the moment.  As with all these things, we hit a few snags along the way.  The way that we worked around this was to install the Xdebug extension and use it to step through the code. Firstly…

  • Drupal and DNS Prefetch

    Drupal and DNS Prefetch

    In a bid to help you gain performance from your web apps, a new feature introduced with HTML5 is the ability to prefetch DNS resources.  Currently widely supported (Firefox 3.5+, Chrome, Safari 5+ and IE 9+), prefetching is where your browser will in the background to a DNS lookup for the addresses that you give.…

  • How we dealt with Heartbleed and Drupal

    How we dealt with Heartbleed and Drupal

    I just wanted to share how we have dealt with the Heartbleed bug at work in case there is anyone else out there that runs a Drupal site that needs some help. Obviously we have patched the servers and got new certificates issued, but the job of resetting passwords is the tricky one.  Now we…

  • Managed file upload in Drupal theme settings

    Managed file upload in Drupal theme settings

    So you want to add a managed file field to your theme settings to allow for an additional logo, great! Using FAPI and a theme-settings.php file it will be a piece of cake.  Not so fast…. The sticking point here is that a managed file once uploaded has to have its status changed to 1…

  • Regular expressions explained.

    You can’t really be a developer and not get your hands dirty with regular expressions at some point or another. If like me your take them to be magic and would like to understand then a little bit better, then this video explains then in a really clear way.

  • Mailcatcher – debug email development

    I have blogged in the past about a good way to catch email in a dev environment. Well I have found a better way. Check out the awesome MailCatcher that runs as an smtp service on your setup and then presents the mail through a simple to use web interface.

  • Bootstrap Shortcodes

    Bootstrap Shortcodes

    Just a bit of self promotion… Introducing Bootstrap-3-shortcodes. Something that I have been working on in my spare time has finally made its way onto the WordPress Plugin repository.  The plugin provides a load of shortcodes to help you style your wordpress site using the bootstrap components. It assumes that you are using a base…

  • Fullscreen Firefox with XBMC

    Fullscreen Firefox with XBMC

    At home I run a custom built HTPC running Ubuntu with XBMC as the main interface.  So that the machine boots into XBMC directly, and to avoid any superfluous applications running, I use XBMC directly as the user-session. Using the Advanced Launcher plugin I was able to launch firefox, but it always launched in what…

  • Keeping guest additions up to date in Vagrant

    Keeping guest additions up to date in Vagrant

    At work we use Vagrant and Virtual Box to keep our development environments consistent across the team.  I recently updated my Virtual Box environment and ended up getting the following message. [web] The guest additions on this VM do not match the installed version of VirtualBox! In most cases this is fine, but in rare…